Milwaukie is in the midst of a remarkable transformation: from building safer ways to get around town to fulfilling our bold vision for the next twenty-eight years, our community is addressing big challenges, and pursuing opportunities to create a better future for our residents. I’m running for Mayor because I believe we are on the right path, and I’m excited by the potential I see for us to achieve so much more.

During my three-plus years on the City Council, I’ve seen how residents, businesses and government can and do work together to develop a way forward through difficult problems. I have been a voice for developing strong, measurable goals, and for identifying ways all Milwaukieans can feel empowered to speak up and actively engage with the challenges that we face. While we endeavor to implement the Comprehensive Plan, redevelop downtown, and continue addressing the housing shortfall affecting our region, I will bring this same inspiration to my work on behalf of Milwaukie.

As executive director of a small non-profit, I learned the value of attentive listening. It leads to better programs and enduring solutions. I did a lot with a small budget, and I understand both the need for careful accounting and the value of dreaming to come up with creative solutions. Most importantly, I learned that people are the most valuable asset of any organization. Milwaukie is a beautiful place with some incredible people, and I look forward to working with and for you.