I am almost a native Northwesterner: my father and I moved from Michigan to Clark County, Washington, when I was still in high school. It was love at first sight for me, and I’ve never stopped feeling awestruck by the beauty of this place we all get to call home. Milwaukie has that beauty in spades, as well as a great community and tremendous promise for so much more. I’m so glad to be a Milwaukiean, and to have the opportunity to serve you on City Council.

Community service is a big part of my life, both professionally and as a volunteer. When I graduated from Linfield College, I served a year with Americorps in a placement with two different non-profits in Portland. Since then I’ve worked variously in administrative, research, and project manager roles before spending five years as the executive director of a small non-profit publishing and community outreach organization for Quakers (the Religious Society of Friends) in the West. I am currently self-employed as a book editor and providing small business support.

My love of nature led me to become a part of Metro’s acclaimed Volunteer Naturalist program in 2008. I have spent hundreds of hours in the field with elementary school students from around the Metro region, inspiring the next generation of nature lovers to learn about bugs, birds, plants and salmon. It’s one of my favorite ways to spend a spring morning.

As a Quaker I have volunteered extensively within my faith community, leading and serving on numerous committees at the local and regional levels. I’m currently a part of the planning committee for the 2019 regional conference of Quakers (North Pacific Yearly Meeting).

Here in Milwaukie, I am in my second year as Island Station Neighborhood District Association’s Communication Director. We’ve had a busy year, and I’ve been grateful for the chance to immerse myself in local issues and concerns at the neighborhood level. I also served as a citizen member of the city’s hard-working and fast-acting Climate Change Action Plan Committee. The plan I helped to develop was adopted by a unanimous vote of City Council on October 2nd.

My husband, Colin, and I enjoy walking downtown for a bite to eat or to pick up holds at Ledding Library, and we frequent Elk Rock Island when the river allows. Our two cats are dedicated people and wildlife-watchers. In my spare time, I’m an avid hiker, reader, writer, gardener and canner.